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New Patients

Dr. Eric Bernstein and his team at Prosthodontic Associates, PA want to make your visits enjoyable. Patients seek the expertise of Dr. Bernstein for a number of reasons. We will take the time to get to know you and your family and discuss your needs and goals. We value your time and you can expect less than a 15-minute wait to be seen.

First Visit

Summit Dentist Dr. Bernstein

Dr. Bernstein always has your best interest at heart.

Getting a full medical and dental history as well as reviewing any medications you are taking are essential in getting to know how to best provide care for your needs. We ask that you bring with you a completed medical history and HIPAA form that is available online.

Dr. Bernstein will sit and visit with you in a consultation area to discuss what your chief complaint is and what your overall goals are for you smile. The new patient examination varies depending on the complexity of your needs. Please allow one hour for your first visit.

Individualized Care Plan

Creating a custom care plan to meet your specific needs may take several visits. You will receive a comprehensive oral examination to evaluate xrays, existing restorations, periodontal status, occlusion and an oral cancer screening.

Dr. Bernstein will do a complete workup on your case which may include a cone beam scan, study models and possible consultations with other specialists depending on the complexity of your needs. At this point, Dr. Bernstein will create an individualized treatment plan and discuss what treatment options are available.

I have been with Dr. Bernstein for over 26 Years! He has a “rare combination” of dental skills, including: technical, mechanical and artistic.Robert H.

Gentle Care

Not only does Dr. Bernstein provide ethical treatment planning and high-quality care, he prides himself on having a gentle touch. Many patients tell Dr. Bernstein that they have never been treated so gently. We want every experience you have at Prosthodontic Associates, PA to be pleasant.

Payment Options

Although, we do not accept dental insurance, we will gladly help you fill out the necessary paperwork so that you can receive reimbursement from your insurance plan. We do offer payment options on all our care plans and will work with you to create affordable options to improve your smile.

Experience gentle dental care at the hands of Dr. Bernstein. Contact us and schedule your appointment today.

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